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Use Sweetini rimming candy to spice up your next cocktail or mocktail party. Rim your glasses with these bright colored and delicious flavored sugar candies....

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Sweetini Rimming Candy, Mango

Sweetini Rimming Candy

$ 5.99

These old fashioned tropical fruit candy sticks are a sweet treat in pink, green, yellow and white. These will be a great decoration at your...

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Candy Sticks, Tropical Fruit

Tropical Fruit Candy Sticks, 50 Count - Item #2426

$ 25.00

Make a unique candy statement with this Valentine Li'l Lollies 4 pack! These white candies are perfect for Valentine's Day, school parties and anniversary gifts....

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Valentine XOXO Li'l Lollie

Valentine XOXO Li'l Lollies 4 Pack

$ 8.99

These old fashioned watermelon candy sticks are a sweet treat in green and pink colors. These will be a fun decoration at your next event...

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Candy Sticks, Watermelon

Watermelon Candy Sticks, 50 Count - Item #2402

$ 25.00

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